Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh baby!

I spent part of a recent Saturday guessing how long to cut the "tummy tape," trying not to say the words "baby" and "July," and attempting to fill in the missing words in nursery rhymes. And if those all sound like extremely strange things to be doing on a Saturday, then you may not have been to a baby shower recently!

The baby shower was for an old friend of mine that will be delivering her first little one this July. I really wanted to give her something special and unique that would make her smile- but without making my pocketbook cry, if you know what I mean. I went to work on finding an idiot-proof craft or two that even I could do! (I'm not crafty, remember?!) What I found was a tie-applique onesie and a "love me some abc's" picture. (If you like the picture, keep reading for the free printable!) It was all super easy and fast. And call me the "Clark Howard" of crafting, but it was all under 10 or 12 bucks!

The first gift was this precious tie-applique onesie. And guess what? It can be completely no-sew, which is awesome for those of us who generally develop hives at the thought of using a sewing machine!
And no, I did not think of this idea on my own- I am really not that creative! I found the idea on the Crap I Made blog {Check it out here}. She gives an amazing tutorial and even the free tie pattern, so I won't even attempt to "top it!" (I did want to note that if your Wonder Under isn't peeling off like it should, turn up the heat on your iron and try it again!)

I really get excited thinking about the possibilities of Wonder Under + fabric + onesies! I mean you could put anything on a onsie! I decided to make a little bow tie onesie, for all of the baby's "formal occasions." I used some orange cardstock and a marker to make a pattern for the bow tie. I thought it could have used an extra detail or two, like some buttons or a vest, but overall, it certainly makes a statement! {Click Here} for the (very rough!) pattern I used.
I am not the only one who gets excited about Wonder Under + fabric + onesies, either! Soon after I made these I found these precious DIY applique onesies on the Daffodil Design blog. The post {read it here} even includes templates for the little birdie, giraffe, and elephant that you see in the picture!
Photo from Tatertos & Jello Blog
So cute! And then there's the "I love me some abc's" picture that I made for the nursery. I've seen these pictures on Pinterest and Etsy and even on T-shirts and figured it would be a cinch to make my own. It really was! I just used a Microsoft word document and a piece of cardstock. I got the 8x10 frame from Wal-Mart for $3.00. I wasn't sure if she would prefer blue and brown (to match the nursery bedding) or green and brown (to match all of her baby accessories), so I stuck both in the frame! (Due to the limitations of documents to have really small bottom margins, I cut off the extra paper on the bottom and added another piece of cardstock behind the picture.)  See the bottom of the post for the free printable!
So that's it. With a little bit of ingenuity and creativity, I think that I gave my friend something special. I hope that she will smile each time she puts her little guy in a tie or bow tie onesie or sees the Abc frame that says exactly what she feels for her son. And it was all extremely easy on my wallet, too! Now on to find some crafty bridal shower gifts...

Want some more DIY baby shower gifts? Check out {this awesome blog} for even more ideas!

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{BLUE I love me some abc's picture}
{GREEN I love me some abc's picture}
{PINK I love me some abc's picture}
{PURPLE I love me some abc's picture}
{YELLOW I love me some abc's picture}

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