Sunday, June 10, 2012

Not so craftsy craft blog...

Okay, so here's the deal. I recently became obsessed with all things Pinterest. Pretty pictures, great ideas, cute quotes, crafts...It is simply wonderful. I found through my love of Pinterest that just about everyone on earth now has a blog- well, at least all of those crafty stay-at-home moms have one.

In reading through their tutorials and looking at their perfect pictures, I found myself rather disillusioned. I mean, I am not crafty, don't have much extra moo-lah for fun and games, and don't have twenty hours to roll book pages into flowers for a wreath. And did I mention my severe lack of artistic talent? (My art teacher in elementary school gave me one compliment the entire time I was in her class. She complimented the flower I drew, which would have been very uplifting if the picture was actually a flower and not a clown.)

Don't believe me? Oh, well it's true. I would like to illustrate my point with the following. We will call it "Exhibit A."

I found this beautiful cake at the I Am Baker blog ( It was my inspiration for an incredible Valentine's dessert that would knock my husband's socks off. I mean, it's truly lovely, right? I read the instructions over and over and spent a month dreaming of how gorgeous it would be, sitting there on Valentine's Day in our apartment, John looking at it and just knowing from the bottom of his heart that this is what a perfect Valentine's Day looks like and thanking God for giving him such a crafty wife. Unfortunately, this is what John saw on Valentine's Day:

No, it's okay. Laugh, judge, shake your head in disappointment, because, this, dear friends, is all the artistic talent that God has given me to work with. And all these blogs from the Wonder Moms aren't helping my self-esteem. So this humble blog is my attempt to help people like me, normal people that have day jobs, budgets, and are not capable of creating a Vera Bradley look-alike casserole dish cover out of a milk carton and jar of Modge Podge to still enjoy the DIY project process.

I plan to post my attempts at recipes, craft projects, decorating, and party ideas right here. The good, the bad, and the ugly. After all, we all could use a creative outlet in the middle of our day-to-day lives, right? Stick with me; this should be fun!

Loving Jesus,

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